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The Murderer Said Shalom

The Murderer Said Shalom

Sheba Richards, well-known socialite and a Texan-born madam of the Lolita Escort Agency, is found dead in the bathtub of a hot-pillow hotel outside Tel Aviv. Inspector David Biton and his assistant Sergeant Eli Mizrahi of the Tel Aviv Police Department, are called in to investigate. They discover that the deceased woman was stabbed after she died, and are mystified by a strange aroma in the batroom. Bennie the Nose, a smell maven, identifies the presence of a large number of well-known perfumes.

The quirky owner of the hotel who has a gay cat named Tutankhamen, the late woman's haughty English flatmate and the ultra hypochondriac neighbor Pyotr Polonsky, all claim to know little or nothing about the dead woman, but Biton is convinced they're witholding valuable information. The inspector learns that Ms. Richards had belonged to a writing group, most of whose weird members she had affairs with, or plagiarised their stories.

A myriad of clues comes to light such as a mysterious blue note on which are printed the words "KILL SHEBA." is found by a reputable pickpocket. Biton discovers that the sole witness to the murder was the victim's Versace-vested-chopped-liver-eating artistic cat, Toodles. As the plot unravels and the bodies pile up, the murderer is shown to be a wily and dangerous foe who will stop at nothing to prevent the inspector from discovering the identity of the perpetrator. While busy with the case, Biton is hounded mercilessly by a pesky sensationalist reporter and a police chief who is constantly threatening to banish him to a remote desert outpost if he doesn't find the murderer in double-quick time.

Using a combination of brains and chutzpah, Inspector Biton traps his nemesis in a suspenseful climax.

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